Sunday, April 26, 2009

Garden is blooming.........

I took a good look at my garden yesterday afternoon and it's doing much better than I expected. All my flowers are having "babies" :) I do need to lay much more mulch down and find some kind of "fence" so the dirt and mulch don't go everywhere when it rains. Here are some of the latest pics of my garden. Oh, don't pay too much attention to the weeding that still needs to be done in the rose part of the garden :)


This one's got like 5 buds on 1 branch thingie!!

More roses!!!

Just one more :)

These mistral delphiniums have impressed me
the most!! Buds everywhere!!

Marigolds gotta couple of babies on the way!!

More of a close up!!

My faithful hibuscus!

Hibuscus unfurling!

Coconut punch dianthus...full of new buds, but
dead ones, too???


Rhonda said...

Lovely Flowers Brenda. Maybe the dead looking buds are already exprired flowers? Pull one off and open it up and see if there are seeds inside. I've never grown that variety, but my daisies & coneflowers did something like that years ago when I had them.

Colleen said...

Your flowers look beautiful!!!

Valda said...

Beautiful!!! Love the roses!!

Lisa P said...

Your flowers are beautiful. The delphiniums especially. I'm not sure if that variety can be grown here, but I am going to check!

Lisa P.

Brigitte said...

What a wonderful garden you have.

Sandy's Cross Stitch said...

Your garden is just beautiful.