Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hippity Hop

Here's the latest updates on my bunny. I hope to have a semi-easy day tomorrow so maybe the next blog post will say, "Finished Bunny!" LOL

As of 6/25/09

As of 6/28/09

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rabbit Update

I've gotten a bit more done on Rabbit. I'm really enjoying stitching on this one, too. Now I didn't give the bunnies eyes yet cuz, well, just in case I don't finish him in a timely manner. I don't want his eyes looking at me accusingly :)

This weekend was pretty low key. My friend, Mari, came by and my mom colored her hair. Then we just hung out on the patio reading ,drinking and chit chatting. Sunday I just stitched and watched Eureka on Sci Fi. They had a marathon on. Has anyone seen it? It's such a fun and quirky show....always makes me laugh :)

I placed an order today from Nordic Needle. I'm getting a cute tote bag (you can never have enough of those!) and another pair of scissor (again, you can never have enough!). And it was all on sale! That's my kind of shopping! LOL

Monday, June 15, 2009

R is for Rabbit

Here's my start on R is for Rabbit by Prairie Schooler. It's taking on that bunny shape now :) Only 7 letters after this....woohooooooooooo!!!

I don't know if it's miserably hot where you are, but my God! It's downright miserable down here. We've been in the 90s since the beginning of June with the heat index breaking into the 100s. And absolutely no rain! That is highly unusual for us. We'll normally get some kind of afternoon rain during the summer. Not so far! I'm going to hate to see what July and August is going to bring us.

Stay cool, y'all!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 Chakras Update

Here's the latest update on 7 Chakras. I finished the 3rd one sometime this past weekend and completely forgot to update the blog. Duh! Only 4 more to go! Woohooooooooo!!!

As a reward, I started R is for Rabbit by Prairie Schooler. All you can see is a golden brown blob. When it starts resembling more of a rabbit, I'll post a pic.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Another finish goes down in the books! I really enjoyed stitching this adorable piece although I got bored with it when I was about 3/4 of the way finished. Why? Who knows? I'm strange that way....LOL I stitched Happiness on hand dyed linen from R&R Reproductions (or is Productions??). The color is called Snowy Sky which is actually a very pale lavender not light gray the way it looks in this picture. I can't wait for the next one in this series.

I wasn't quite sure what to pick up next although I really wanted to start R is for Rabbits from PS! I controlled myself from starting a new project and picked up 7 Chakras by Cross Stitch Art. I haven't stitched on it since August of last year! I had started on the 3rd Chakra before I put it away though. I'll take another picture when I finish the 3rd one.

I pampered myself a bit on Tuesday after work. I got my hair cut, which I so desperately needed! My bangs were down to my chin! LOL The lady cut them a bit too much, I think, but they'll grow back soon enough. I also got 2" cut off the back. It's amazing how much better your hair feels after a hair cut! Then I hussled right next door to the nail salon and got a pedi. I was the only customer in there and the owner of the salon did my pedicure. She massaged my legs for a good 10 minutes....pure heaven I tell you!! She also gave me a coupon for 20% off my next visit. Yay!

Happiness by 2009 Cross Stitch Pattern a Day Calendar

Stitched on 28 ct linen, snowy sky

Started on 5/16/09, finished on 6/2/09