Thursday, April 29, 2010

Present to me!!!!

Isn't it just purty???? I LOVE it!!!! And I've got it hanging now. I left work for a few minutes today to go pick it up.....couldn't wait till I got off to pick it up!! I think my framer at Acadian Corner did a fantabulous job!! Michelle always does though :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Circle of Friends....

Really think this one's finally looking like a dress!!!! LOL Being put on the side till next weekend.

What shall I stitch on this week????

Quiltmaker update....

I was a good girl and worked on the Quiltmaker UFO/WIP all last week. Once I started stitching on it, I didn't want to stop....LOL I think I made great progress. You can see the last update of her here.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby stashing.....

I went to my LNS Saturday afternoon to get "Whatever" framed. I cannot wait to see it framed!! It's going to look soooo cute!!! While she was figuring out what my totals were, I wandered around and this chart happened to catch my eye and just had to buy it...Mississippi Riverboat. Don't know when I'll get around to actually stitching it though.

I was a good girl and stitched some on Circle of Friends. I don't think I stitched the 20x20 section, but I was itching to get to Quiltmaker. What I think I'm going to try to do is dedicate a week to each of my UFOs (do we still call them UFOs when they're getting worked on??) and see how far I get before I HAVE to start something new or go crazy....whichever comes first!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So, when gathering up my UFOs to show to y'all yesterday, I ran across this cute freebie. For those of you that know me KNOW that it's totally me! I couldn't resist stitching it up! This one will be getting framed ASAP and I'm putting it on top of my hutch at work. It'll come in handy on those days when people start aggravating the crap out of me. I'm sure it'll be flashed OFTEN!!!!

Whatever by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 32 ct Natural Belfast Linen
Started on 4/15/10, finished on 4/16/10

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, TDee "motivated" us in her group to show our UFOs and actually (maybe!) work on them!! Ha! Well, here are mine....

Yin Yang by Cross-Stitch Art

Quiltmaker by Lavender & Lace

The Phoenix by Landmark Tapestries

This is an MSAL by Book of Ink Circles

Angel of Summer by Lavender & Lace

7 Chakras by Cross-Stitch Art
I do hope to make some kind of headway on these by year's end. I don't think it's my fault that I have startitis and no finishitis!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


is DONE!!!!!! Forgive the picture....again...too lazy to do it in proper lighting. Sue me...I'm wayyyyy lazy!!!! LOL

So, what should I work on next??? I suppose I should be a good girl and work on all the UFOs I've got circulating around me.....

Quilting by LHN
Stitched on 28 ct cream quaker linen
Started on 3/2/10, finished on 4/14/10

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nouveau flowers I.....

Forgive the picture quality....took it with my BlackBerry. But I wanted to take a picture of it before I shipped it off and I forgot to do it when I was home. Box is all packed up and ready to go. Of course, I haven't made it to the post office yet! LOL It's been packed up for about a week.

I think my framer did an excellent job as always!! I'd love to get everything I stitched framed, but I haven't won the lottery yet....dammit!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


My cross stitch group decided to start an SAL....not like I don't have enough projects going now! LOL We're doing Circle of Friends by Mirabilia. It's a sweet piece and just right for our group, since we're all such good friends :) We're doing 20x20 sections each week. So, I should be just about right for this week. I'm stitching it on 28 ct linen and the color is star sapphire. It's a very pale greenish/grayish/blue colored fabric. Of course, you can't tell in the picture below...LOL

I also did some gardening last week. I had well established rosebushes and hibuscus that I'd planted when I first moved into my house over two years ago. But the harsh winter we had did them in. Or so I thought. I just yanked everything out except for one rosebush. It wasn't till everything was pulled out and in the trash that my mom decides to mention that maybe I should've waited to see if they would've come back :( Anyways I bought more rosebushes and hibuscus. I find those the easiest to grow and take care of....just water and go! LOL

I did prune this one though. It was wild and out of control!!!

Cosmos...can't wait to see what these do!!!!


I do need to buy one more rosebush and a couple more hibuscus to even the garden out. Other than that, my garden is done!!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend update....

Well, I can honestly say that I didn't do not one thing Easter-ish this weekend. I honestly didn't do much of anything besides stitch and porch time! And it was wonderful!!

I did finish River Plantation. I loved the way it turned out!!! A friend pulled out her UFOs and got me thinking about mine (thanks, TDee....LOL). So, I pulled out Angel of Summer. Put one string in it and had enough....LOL!!! I will try to be a bit more conscientous of those poor, deprived souls and get some strings in them and see how far I get.

River Plantation by 2010 Cross Stitch Pattern a Day Calendar
Stitched on 28 ct jobelan
Started on 3/10/10, finished 4/4/10

So, then I pulled out Quilting by LHN. I love these projects! So fun and and they finish so fast!! Hopefully, this will be done by this week.

Quilting by LHN

I did do some movie watching yesterday. I saw Twilight: New Moon. I actually liked the first one much better. Bella's getting to that whiny stage that aggravated me throughout all the books. Reading about it and actually seeing it.....two totally different things! LOL But Jacob??? Wow!! He was just GORGEOUS!!! So, that made the movie worthwhile for me :) I also saw District 9. Ehhhh....did NOT like "interview style" of the movie at all!! I was sooo rooting for those aliens, too. Humans were just horrible to those poor things!!!