Monday, June 15, 2009

R is for Rabbit

Here's my start on R is for Rabbit by Prairie Schooler. It's taking on that bunny shape now :) Only 7 letters after this....woohooooooooooo!!!

I don't know if it's miserably hot where you are, but my God! It's downright miserable down here. We've been in the 90s since the beginning of June with the heat index breaking into the 100s. And absolutely no rain! That is highly unusual for us. We'll normally get some kind of afternoon rain during the summer. Not so far! I'm going to hate to see what July and August is going to bring us.

Stay cool, y'all!!!!


Jessica said...

Looks Great! I love it when they start to take shape. Gives you a little boost!

The weather is the exact same here! Hot, Humid, and unbearable! Thank God for AC!

Carla said...

Fantastic start!!

Brigitte said...

A very nice start. I think bunnies can be stitched throughout the whole year, they are always a pretty motif.