Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update time....

Sunday I started working in the garden. Sigh........ Why do I want one of those things anyway??? I was tired after just going to Lowe's to get the top soil and mulch! LOL Last year I had put down that black netting stuff that's supposed to control the weeds. Ummm....yeah, right! So, I pulled it all up Sunday. Well, on the front part of the garden where my hibuscus are, I did. I still need to get to the rose bush part later this week and pull it up there. But I must say that the soil underneath the black netting is pristine! Rich, dark soil.

I really didn't have anything to plant just yet especially since a damn cold front came through that night! I will be heading back to Lowe's this weekend for some pretty, colorful flowers to put down. I can't wait till my seedlings start sprouting! LOL Although the sweet peas are ready to do in the ground. I'll take pics of the garden when it's more or less show worthy :)

I know it's been awhile since I've posted a stitchy update. I haven't been much on the stitching lately, no particular reason for it. Just wasn't in the mood, I suppose. Till now!

A friend and her husband made this gorgeous lap stand for some of the ladies in our Yahoo cross stitch club. As soon as I got it, I knew that I had to try it out! Wow! The lap stand makes a world of difference! They're wonderfully made and sturdy. The wood is so smooth and it's lightweight! Just perfect.

Q is for Quilt by Prairie Schooler
Started on 3/15/09
Stitched on 28 ct evenweave fiddlers cloth

Luck by Pattern of the Day Calendar 2009
Started on 3/27/09
Stitched on 28 ct confederate gray Quaker Linen


Milly~ said...

I love Q is for Quilt by Prairie Schooler!!

Colleen said...

WIPs looking great! And what a lovely stand!

TDee said...

I love the Quilt square. You have gone great guns on it.

Nice start on Luck.

Brigitte said...

Your PS stitching looks gorgeous. I love their alphabet very much but haven't stitched many of the letters.

Rhonda said...

Nice Stitching Brenda. I use my stand with the knobs on the top of the clamp, does it work well with them on the bottom? I mean I guess it would. hmm. Interesting. Looking forward to pics of your flowers Darlin'. I need to pick up about 14 more bags of mulch, a new pair of heavy leather gloves, and a sharp pair of pruning pliers for my rose bushes. Some of them are scarey thorny!