Thursday, April 2, 2009


Oh, my!!! These beautiful finished projects were waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. My friend, Linda from Iceland, outdid herself on my stitched pieces. I've been waiting with baited breath for almost 2 weeks to see these beauties!! And can I tell you that it was WELL worth the wait!!

Honey, you have outdone yourself! I cannot thank you enough for these gorgeous finishes!!


Inside of needlebook

Close up of needlebook

Closeup of the cute button she used for the needlebook

Mattress Pinkeep

Back of mattress pinkeep

Close up of pin keep

Inside of bourse

Outside of bourse

Close up of bourse


Adorable beads on the bottom of the bookmark


Anonymous said...

Enjoy baby! I know I enjoyed finishing them for you :)

Rhonda said...

Wow Brenda those are all Fabulous. She must really like you a lot! LOL That much stitching would have taken me half a year. BTW what's a borsch? It's very pretty, but what's it for?

Colleen said...

Those are beautiful!!!

Brigitte said...

Wonderful stitched pieces by you! And Linda is a finishing artist. Enjoy!

Milly~ said...

Gorgeous finishes. You make a great duo..good stitching, good finishes. Hope the drool isn't too much. LOL!

Sandy's Cross Stitch said...

Wow Linda you did a fabulous job. Brenda is a lucky gal. Hugs to both of you. BTW, what's a borsch?

Valda said...

Your stitching is gorgeous and Linda's finishing is exquisite!!! Enjoy them!

Maria said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous pieces. Super jealous over here, lol. I tried a sampler once and gave up after a week. Knitting, however, I picked up in less than an hour. I'm a fiend at scarves!

Rachel S said...

Those are gorgeous finishes!