Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Update

It was a gorgeous weekend in the Crescent City!! Beautiful blue, fall skies with great fall temps!! Saturday I got some porch time after work while reading "Dead Sleep" by Greg Iles. Afterwards I went to a party at a friend's house where her brother cooked us a meatless dinner. Did you guess he's a vegetarian?? LOL He made spaghetti w/pesto sauce and roasted tomatoes and garlic. He made some kind of roasted, sliced tomatoes w/mozzarella cheese on top. He also made some kind of soy sausage patties and links which I did NOT like!! Of course, I didn't tell him that. There was also asparagus which I loved. I could've eaten the whole dish of that! LOL

Yesterday was pretty low key for me. I did Wal Mart early in the morning. Then spent the rest of the day stitching. As you can see above, I made progress on the Faith SAL and the Book of Ink Circles MSAL. I also made some cheesy, chicken enchiladas. They turned out good, but next time I make them I need to kick it up a notch. They weren't as spicy as I would've liked. Oh and I'm also finished watching the 1st season of Mad Men. I'm really enjoying this series. I don't know if I could've lived in the 60s, but they sure as hell did have fun w/all the drinking and smoking :)


TDee said...

Fantastic! You are catching up with me on BoInk and done past me on Faith. Nice work.

Sounds like an awesome weekend too.

Colleen said...

They both look great!!! Wonderful stitching and your pics turned out so good too. I'm still learning how to use my digital camera to take good pics...giggle

Milly~ said...

Nice job chica. You're really moving along with BoINK.

Sandy' Cross Stitch said...

You did a wonderful job on both pieces. I wanted to come your house to share your enchalada's. giggle

Valda said...

Your BoInk looks great and I love the Faith SAL. I can't wait to start on mine!