Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here. On my Weatherbug it changed from "heat index" to "wind chill". Now that I can live with.....LOL Too bad the weather can't stay like this year round.

I've been reading "Absolute Fear" by Lisa Jackson. I'm over halfway through and I'm dyin' to find out "who did it". I can't get to the end fast enough. Don't you just love books like that? The kind that keep you guessing as to who the villain is? Just when you "know" who it is, the script gets flipped on you? Can't read fast enough then! LOL

I'm ready to get home so I can go hang out on my patio and enjoy this beautiful fall day. Of course, I'll be having a few brewskis, but this time instead of reading I'm going to bring my stitching out there with me. I'm more than at the half point on my Nouveau Flower and I'd really like to finish it by the weekend.


TDee said...

It sounds like the perfect day to me. Remember... take your phone with you too. You know someone is bound to call you and interupt your peace and tranquility. LOL

Suvii said...

happy Wednesday to you chica!!!! Welcome to the blogging world! I loved looking at all your WIPs!