Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gifts from Linda

OK........Linda....I finally got around to taking pictures and actually posting them of the beautiful gifts you made me MONTHS ago!! Better late than never, right??

Linda is a dear friend of mine in Iceland that makes me these beautiful biscornus and mattress pincushions. And all I have to do is send her fabric or specialty threads or little odds and ends that I know she can put to good use.

Thank you so much, honey, for my beautiful gifts :)


Colleen said...

They are very beautiful gifts that Linda makes for you...aren't you special!

Valda said...

LOVE that pinkeep and the biscornu's. Beautiful stitching and finishing Linda! Lucky you Brenda!

Sandy' Cross Stitch said...

Linda did a fabulous job on those. I know you are happy with them, thank you for putting a picture up.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that we can make this work like this and that you love your gifts as I love making them for you :)