Monday, October 6, 2008

This n' That

As you can see, I've accomplished quite a bit on this WIP. Hopefully by mid-week I'll be able to post a FINISH!! LOL

This weekend was a little unusual for me. First off, I woke up Saturday morning with a massive hangover! I can't tell you the last time I felt that miserable. And I had to go to work Saturday :( I don't think I drank more than usual so I have no clue what the deal was. So, needless to say I spent all of Saturday afternoon in bed. This was, of course, AFTER I bought the best enchilada plate from my favorite Central American restaurant. Then I had the nerve to have a cheese pupusa on top of that huge enchilada plate. But I've got to tell you, I had the best nap afterwards....LOL What is it about full bellies and good naps that go so well together??

Yesterday I did Wal Mart with mom. Then I spent the day working on Nouveau Flowers. I started watching "Dexter", the show from Showtime. I've only heard good things about it, but I really couldn't get into it. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it??? I'll give it another shot later in the week. The other DVD I have from Netflix is the series "Mad Money". This one I'm really looking forward to seeing. A good friend told me, "You just HAVE to watch this one!!!" LOL


TDee said...

Wow... you really did make progress on this.


Colleen said...

you are coming along greta on your project!!! Great work, can't wait til it is finished! Look out plastic container, another piece is moving in! lol

Milly~ said...

Wow this is really coming along nicely. WTG Chica.

SuzLue said...

Really? You couldn't get into Dexter? I love this show!!! Well - give it another shot. It really is brilliant.

Good work on your project girly...Stitch and stich, and stich and stich and stich. Damn...I can't even sew a button on to a shirt. lol.

Adriana said...

Your cross stite is beautiful. I would love to make the time to get back into it again and make pretty pillow cases and other things.

This must be your therapy. :)

Brenda Lou said...

Thanks everyone for the comments on Nouveau Flower.

Suez, I'm going to give Dexter another shot. Don't worry! You keep telling me how great it is. I'm thinking it was just me....LOL

Adriana, stitching IS my therapy along with drinking........LOL

sandyscrossstitch said...

Dexter is Noel's favorite show on TV these days. We watched a few of the episodes but then the new season started and it conflicts with one our favorite shows. I can't remember what show and/or night. But is that really important.

Your stitching looks great. Nice job. Hugs

Rosie said...

It's looking great!

Valda said...

Your WIP is looking great!

You have to try Dexter again! We love it at my house!