Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Strangest place you've ever read??

Every Wednesday in The Times Picayune (New Orleans area newspaper) Living section talks about books. Last Wednesday's edition had an article by Susan Larson titled "Caught in the Act of Reading". She writes about how she loves to see people read and how she tries to be as subtle as possible when she's trying to see what books they're reading.

You can read the article here....


Nine times out of ten I wouldn't be caught dead without a book in my hands, car, purse....well, you get the gist. You just never know when you'll have an extra 5 minutes to get some reading in, right?

So, that made me wonder where the strangest place you've ever read was? Me? The place itself wasn't strange (my friend's porch), but I was reading during a Mardi Gras party. I can't tell you how much flak I got over that one. It's not that I was being anti-social. It's just that my book was more interesting :) Yes, I finally put the book away and interacted more with the guests :)

So, what strange places/situations have you been caught reading in??


School Counselor said...

Awww... thank you chica for the comment! I appreciate it!

TDee said...

Let's see... I don't read books much any more because I read a LOT with work. Nothing like reading customer service notes for hours on end. But, I would agree that it isn't the place that makes it strange... it's what you are doing at the time. I have 2 memories of reading from when I was a kid.

The first was going to the orthodontist with my dad. He was driving and we were both singing to the music and having a good time. And... you know I can't do one thing at a time.... I was reading while singing. It was a great book from what I remember.

The second was I use to read upsidedown. I would lay on the couch with my feet in the air and my head hanging off the couch and read. I know... I'm weird.

Love ya though... LOL


Anonymous said...

What a great question. But where is the strangest place I have read? I know the answer will hit me at 2 am or something. I have read walking down the street. I've read at stoplights while sitting in my car. There have to be other ridiculous times.

Milly~ said...

I've read while "watching" a live baseball game between the Oakland A's and Cleveland Indians. Hubby and I have also been known to read waiting for a movie to start in the theater.

Julie said...

Let's see - I do believe the strangest place that I have read a book was in the bathroom at my cousin's wedding.I didn't want to be rude as I love him dearly - but Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had just come out the night before (and I received my copy at 12:35AM after waiting impatiently for it). I had been up nearly all night reading - finally slept 4 hours because of the wedding, but had to keep sneaking trips to the bathroom so I could get some more reading in....lol.

Yoyo said...

Oh, even if it's an old post I have to say this is a terrific question. Like you, I'm almost never without a book at hand. Years ago, when the Raider's were still an Oakland football team, my husband had gotten tickets for a big game with the Steelers. I guess it was the biggest game of the year or something important like that. I don't much like football but went because, ya know, you can't turn down a tail-gate party. Anyway, there I was in the stands happily reading about fairies and elves and something big happened on the field -- the lady in row behind me smacked with me with her umbrella (quite hard, actually). "You can't be more interested in that stupid book than in this!!!" She was quite angry with me. I laugh about it now, but I don't think it was all that funny at the time.