Monday, May 3, 2010


This has been one of my stitchiest weekends by far!!! I basically did nothing but stitch and watch movies for 2 days. Loved it!!!

I saw The Lovely Bones....very sad and poignant movie. I didn't read the book (could NOT get into it!!). I think I got through maybe 3 chapters and put it away. So I don't know how closely the movie followed. The ending sort of had me confused though. I saw I Could Never Be Your Woman with Michelle Pfieffer and Paul Rudd (who I adore!!!). It was directed by the same lady that made Clueless (which I LOVE!!!). The movie was very silly and had some laugh out loud parts, but I couldn't help but finish watching it....LOL Then I got sucked into The Pacific, the mini-series on HBO. Wow!!! What an intense, beautifully done show. I'm not a big war type movie watching gal so I was very surprised how much I enjoyed it. I got through the first 6 parts and stayed up late Saturday and Sunday to watch it.

Here's the latest on Circle of Friends. I'm really enjoying this one!!!

Circle of Friends by Mirabilia

And here's the 6th part of the 7 Chakras. One more to go!!!!

7 Chakras

This week I plan on working on The Phoenix. It's so close to being done. Let's see how far I get this week on it.


Colleen said...

WOW!!! Your needle must be smokin!!! Looks great!

Sandy's Cross Stitch said...

Your labor of love looks wonderful as usual.