Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Could not help myself!!!!

I started off with great intentions when I decided to start working on my UFO/WIP projects, but I fell off the wagon barely 3 weeks into it :( I worked on The Phoenix for a couple of days and BoINK maybe once and I was done! I felt "startitis" rearing its head. And y'all know once that happens, there's no ignoring the voice. So, I started W is for Welcome by Prairie Schooler. I've only got 4 letters to go to finish the alphabet! That was all the push I needed to start W!! So, here's where I left off Sunday.

Has anyone seen the musical "Nine" with Daniel Day-Lewis, Kate Hudson and a slew of other actresses?? I was just amazed at the pipes these women had! And who knew that Judi Dench could sing?? It was a fantastic, ensemble cast and an enjoyable movie.

I read like a mad dog last week. I read Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Now this was one crazy read! What an imagination!! If you like ghosts/paranormal type reads, you may want to read this. I also read Blinding Mirror by Shelley Halima. Very fast paced! Some parts were highly disturbing, but what I enjoyed most was how much I detested one of the main characters!! I don't think I'd ever say that, but Shelley wrote it very well. She needs to hurry so I can delve into the sequel. Now I'm reading Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. I'm thoroughly enjoying this one, but how can I not?? It's Jodi Picoult after all!!!

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Brigitte said...

Oh yes, startitis is much stronger than finitis can ever be, lol. I have seen your WIPs in your last posts and they all look very nice. But your PS alphabet also wants to be completed, doesn't it? Lol.
I also love Jody Picoult's books and Plain Truth was my first and my favourite of her books.