Monday, January 25, 2010

Stash shopping and 2nd finish.....

I went on vacation to Arizona last week to see one of my BFFs. Although the trip wasn't nearly long enough, we had a great time!! She was able to take Wednesday off and we had a girly day. We were able to her LNS, Needlers Nest, and I walked out with these patterns/kits. The kits were 15% off, too. I think all of these fit me to a "T". After that we hit her favorite place, The Olive Garden, which was delish. I can gorge myself on the salad and breadsticks and never get sick of it!! LOL

Gentle Heart

2007 Collector's Heart


Tiffany Poppies

I had every intention of finishing "U" while I was out there, but I didn't bring any 3371 with me and it just happened that TDee didn't have any either. So, I finished it earlier this week.

I would've finished it Sunday, but I couldn't while watching the Saints/Vikings game. That game was so damn intense. No way in hell that I was able to stitch!!! It was a nail biter and I can't tell you how thrilled I am that the boys pulled it off! We are going to make our first Super Bowl appearance EVER!!!! This city was on fire after winning the NFC Championship Sunday night. People were hooting and hollering in the street, fireworks going off and "Who Dat?" chants everywhere. It was just amazing!! This city is totally pumped and we can hardly wait for February 7th!!!


Brigitte said...

It sounds that you had a very nice vacation in Arizona.
Isn't it great to have finished the U? Congratulations. What will be next?

TDee said...

You aren't going to believe this.... I found 3 skeins of 3371 Saturday in one of the bags hanging on my stand. LOL

Nice finish.