Sunday, September 6, 2009


AGAIN!!! My memory is slipping BAD!! Sigh....

Had myself some enforced vacation time this past week. I woke up with horrible cramps Wednesday, morning the 2nd at 3 am. I stayed in the fetal position till about 8 that morning. I had the chills so bad, miserable. But I dragged myself to work shortly after 9. Then I got feverish and my whole body just ached. So, I left work early and went to the urgent care center by my house.

After waiting almost 2 hours, I was escorted into an exam room. A few minutes later the doctor comes into examine me. So, I explain my symptoms to him and he proceeds to give me a nasal swab. Have y'all ever had that done?? OMG!!! Just say NO! They take this long ass swab, proceed to put in your nose and go all the way up to your brain with the damn thing! Talk about painful!!! And the doc had to do it twice, cuz apparently jerking my head away from the swab isn't allowed....sigh....

About 20 minutes after the torture session, he comes back and announces that I have the flu. I wasn't surprised by his diagnosis...just didn't like it much. So, I ask him if it was the swine flu. He patiently explains to me that there is no such thing as the "swine flu". It's called the H1N1 virus. At this point, I don't give a damn what you call it. I just want to know if I have it. So, he tells me that more than likely it is what I have and that I'm not allowed to go back to work till September 8th.

Thankfully, my symptoms never progressed past the feverish, achy body and sore throat. And the worst part was the body aches. So, I got LOTS of rest and stitching done during my forced down time.

As you can see below, I finished T is for Time.

T is for Time by Prairie Schooler.

Stitched on 28 ct evenweave fiddlers cloth

Started on 8/1/09, finished on 9/6/09

I also caught up on the Peace Sampler SAL we're doing in our yahoo group.

Peace Sampler by Imaginating, Inc

And then I was a good girl! I didn't start Sunflower Inn by LHN like I really, really, really wanted too. I took out Quiltmaker instead and worked on her some. I've left her big ole skirt alone for now and I'm working on the actual quilt instead. It's going pretty fast, too.

Quiltmaker by Lavender & Lace


Rhonda said...

Oh Brenda, that doctor visist sounds horrible, but not as bad as the actual flu. I'm glad you survived though, so many healthy people have died from it already. (((hugs))) Your stitching projects look great! I need to play catch up on the Spirit sampler myself now. :0)

TDee said...

Love the Quiltmaker prgress. It actually made me think about pulling mine out again. But, not real hard. Your finish is fantastic. Want to do it again just for me? LOL

Love ya

Milly~ said...

T for Time is awesome! Okay you did it finally I so need to get these charts. LOL

Chiloe said...

Great progress ;-) and congrats for your finish !

Hope you feel better soon!