Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Well, I've been having the cold crud since New Year's Eve night. I felt it coming on before I left the house that evening, but I ignored it because I had plans with my friend, Mari. We weren't doing anything special or outlandish. Just hanging out at her house, drinking and reading on her porch. Well, we did the hanging out part and she did most of the drinking part. I tried but I just wasn't feeling it. Somehow I made it till midnight, watched some neighborhood fireworks and I crashed! Woke up the next morning with a full fledged cold and I've been fighting it ever since. Kinda sucks when you have an extra long weekend and you spend it fighting a stupid cold! LOL I hope it's not a sign of how my year is going to be.

My Christmas was very low key. My aunt was allowed to come home for 8 hours. So, I fried some chicken and made macaroni and cheese. I wasn't expecting to cook at all and that's pretty much all we had in the fridge. It was either that or turkey sandwiches....LOL

My aunt is now home. She's still in pain but she's walking a little better, but still very slow. The staples have come out. She's got a nurse and a therapist coming a few times a week. So, it'll be a slow recovery for her but everyday she'll get a little better and a little stronger. We just have to make sure she moves around and doesn't just sit on her butt all day....LOL

I did get the most beautiful Christmas present from an unexpected source for the holidays. Mari's uncle had this gorgeous rosary made for me by a friend of his. In the box with the rosary, he wrote a little note that said he had these african beads for over 10 years and didn't know what to do with them until he had an epiphany to get them made into a rosary for me. I can't tell you how touched and stunned I was to open up that small box and see what was in it. I think it was the best present I've ever gotten from anybody.

Since, I've been pretty much laid up these past few days, I've gotten quite a bit of stitching done on The Quiltmaker and the MSAL by Ink Circles. I'll post pics of my progress tomorrow in a separate blog.

I've also watched quite a bit of movies. I've seen How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Rendition, The Women, Untraceable and The Golden Compass. I enjoyed these movies for the most part. The Women was a bit cliched, but was interesting was the fact that you didn't see a single man in the movie! Not as an extra, not as a voice, nowhere! Untraceable was great! Hated the ending though. I seem to have issues with endings these days :)

Oh, and counted up my book reads for 2008. I read 48 books. I know that may be a mere pittance to some of you, but that's damn good for me! LOL If you want to see the list of books I read, go here... and go to "My Books". Let me know if you've read any of them and what you thought of them.

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Colleen said...

Glad to hear your Aunt is home now. Hope you are feeling better today and can't wait to see your WIPs updates!