Sunday, August 9, 2009

Progress Report

I had an extremely lazy weekend! Too bad we can't have more of them :)

I'm really enjoying T is for Time. Of course, I enjoy stitching all the PS charts. They're just so easy and flow easily onto the fabric. Not having much backstitching at all HELPS a lot! LOL

T is for Time by Prairie Schooler
Sttiched on 28 ct eveneweave fiddlers cloth

Now, this next one should've been finished this past week. But as you can see, I didn't. For whatever reason, I had a tough time getting past those rows of orange. All of these patterns are similar in that respect, too. So, who knows what my issue was! LOL I'm hoping to finish it this week though. Yeah, right, who am I trying to kid!!

Friendship by 2009 Cross Stitch Pattern a Day Calendar
Stitched on 28 ct bay leaf jobelan fabric

Oh, and I saw Seven Pounds w/Will Smith yesterday. It was a good movie, but it certainly was not one of his best. The damn movie honestly left me confused and I sure as hell didn't like the way it ended. It was tragic and uplifting at the same time, but it still left me wanting more at the end.

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Brigitte said...

You made some very nice progress on both your WIPs. Aren't lazy weekends the best? Just doing what comes to your mind, like stitching? Lol.