Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend update.....

Well, this past weekend was my birthday weekend and I thorougly enjoyed it. Friday I was having a crappy morning. I had taken the day before off to take my mom to a couple of appointments. So I come to work Friday and my desk is piled high with crap. It looked like I had been gone for a week instead of one freaking day! It took me all morning to take care of it all. Well, Gwen (a sales rep) where I work made me a 3 layer red velvet cake. Can I tell y'all it was to DIE for???? It totally made my day.

Saturday we did the normal Wal Mart shopping. Then it was time for lunch with the family at La Pupuseria. I ordered a cheese pupusa and the steak ranchero. It was so good and I was so full after I finished eating everything on my plate that I had no room for the dessert the owner brought out when he sang Happy Birthday to me! LOL I had a couple of bites of flan and gave the rest to my mom and aunt.

After that I went by my friend's house to enjoy some beautiful porch time. And what made it more special was the fact that I had it all to myself! I almost finished reading "Deadly Night" by Heather Graham. Another friend of mine called while I was hanging on the porch and asked me to come over. She lives not 5 minutes away from where I was so I went over there for a bit. And I hit the mother lode on Jodi Picoult novels! She gave 3 that I hadn't read yet. Nineteen Minutes was one of them and I started reading that last night.

Now yesterday my friend, Mari, was supposed to come over and cook steaks but her baby woke up a bit sick so we nixed the idea. I'm kinda glad we did because it was nice to have the day to myself and stitch all day long. I hadn't done that in awhile. Of course, I had a "crappy" movie day, too! I watched "In A Dark Place" which was pretty dumb and the ending sucked. Then I bought "The Happening" On Demand. Well, can I say that movie royally sucked!!!! I was so ticked!!!! LOL

I did get lots of stitching done on the BoINK SAL. I'll post a pic of my progress so far either tonight or tomorrow.

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TDee said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. I will probably love The Happening. LOL